160 Belgian Mayors Unite in Support of the Iranian Women and their Resistance

Plus de 160 communes belges apportent leur soutien à la résistance iranienne Over 160 Belgian municipalities pledge support for Iranian Resistance


An exhibition and conference were held in the city municipality of Vilvoorde, declaring the support of more than 160 Belgian mayors for Iranian women. Belgian mayors expressed solidarity with 3,600 parliamentarians, 1,000 female international personalities, and 125 heads of state and former prime ministers. Their collective support is extended towards Mrs. Maryam Rajavi and the ten-point program of the National Council of Resistance, aiming to establish a democratic and secular republic in a free Iran.

On Friday, January 5, 2024, the Iranian communities in Belgium, along with supporters of the National Council of Resistance and the Mojahedin Organization, organized an exhibition and conference at the Villevoorde city hall. More than 160 Belgian mayors endorsed a statement expressing support for the people and resistance of Iran and solidarity with Mrs. Rajavi’s ten-point program.


Mayor Bonte, the mayor of Vilvoorde, emphasized Belgium’s solidarity with the people and resistance of Iran, acknowledging the significance of the support from over 160 mayors. Mayor Bonte affirmed the importance of addressing human rights, women’s rights, political freedoms, and values, asserting that politicians bear responsibility in these matters. He pledged clear support for the request on behalf of all his colleagues, emphasizing the need to send a united message to the world. Mayor Bonte stressed that political ideas should be resolved through democratic processes and human rights, condemning the suppression of ideas through the “Death Commission.”

Dr. Masoud Kashfi from the Society of Iranian Experts paid tribute to the martyrs of the uprising on September 16, 2022, highlighting the tragic loss of more than 750 lives, including young women and children, at the hands of the dictatorial regime in Iran. He praised the longstanding courage and activism of Iranian women in resisting both repressive monarchy and religious dictatorship. Dr. Kashfi asserted that intimidation and torture cannot suppress their determination. He pointed out that misogyny is deeply ingrained in the roots of the current religious regime in Iran, and after about 50 years of oppression, the Iranian people, especially the youth and women, have decided to end the life of this old regime.

Mehdi Nobari, the head of the International Association of Culture and Art, concluded the program by expressing gratitude to Mayor Bonte and introducing a book published in this context. Nobari highlighted Belgium’s role as the rotating presidency of the European Union and called for increased pressure on the Tehran regime.


The Belgian media warmly welcomed the program, with several news agencies, including Belga, La Liber, RTL, Brussels Times, and others, covering the news of Belgian mayors’ support for Iran’s resistance.