Activists at Schumanplein against Iranian regime

About 20 people have gathered in Schuman Square to express their indignation against the Iranian political regime. They demand the release of political prisoners and protest against the death penalty for political dissidents. 

“We met today to denounce the violation of human rights under the Iranian regime,” said Mehdi Nobari Motlagh, representative of the non-profit organization IranRef. According to him, there has been a clear increase in repressive measures during the corona crisis. More and more people would be arrested in Iran for political reasons. “Even during the corona crisis, the political interests of the regime prevail over those of the population,” he said.

Students sentenced to death

The protesters mainly speak out against the conviction of two university students. They were arrested during a national demonstration in Iran against rising fuel prices and are now facing the death penalty. “We are very shocked by this statement. They were ordinary citizens who took part in a peaceful demonstration. Even young people are not spared. ”

The Schumanplein was chosen to appeal to the Belgian and European leaders. “We therefore hope that the European Union and the Belgian government will exert political pressure to put an end to the death sentences,” says Nobari Motlagh.

As expected, attendance was limited due to the corona measures. All participants wore a mouth mask and social distance was respected.