statement from 22 members of the parliament in belgium: Listen to the Voice of the Iranians

In its statement to the Belgian Press, the Belgian Committee of Parliamentarians and Mayors for a Democratic Iran declared that 22 Members of the Parliament in Belgium from various political parties including: CD&V, N-VA, MR, PS, CDH DéFI, OPEN VLD, SP.A & One.Brussel along with 250 EU MEPs and international MPs addressing the UN Security Council and expressed their supports to the goals of the statement which are:

1. Take every necessary measure to maintain arms embargo on Iran. 
2. Re-impose the UN Security Council resolutions against the Iranian regime.
3. We support the call by the leader of the Iranian Resistance that the country does not need two armies.
22 Belgian Representatives and Senators from various political parties, together with their European counterparts, are taking part in an international campaign. With this declaration of support, we are demanding from the UN Security Council for world peace and security in accordance with the will of the Iranian people by reinstating UN Security Council resolutions against the Iranian regime.

Considering the initiative of the “Belgian Committee of Members of Parliament and Mayors for a Democratic Iran”: Listen to the voice of the Iranian people! Supported the activation of the Snapback mechanism by the US on September 20, the undersigned, call on the UN Security Council, the European Union, and our own Belgian government to:

1- Take all necessary measures to continue the arms embargo against the Iranian authorities. No country is allowed to sell weapons to Iran and the Iranian regime cannot sell or ship weapons to anyone.

2- The UN Security Council Resolutions against the Iranian regime must be relaunched.

3- We support the call of the leader of the resistance that this country does not need two armies. The Revolutionary Guard must be disbanded, and the money allocated to its extermination program must be spent on improving the lives of the Iranain people.

belgian committee of parliamentarians and burgomasters for a democratic iran - 29/09/2020

dirk claes, chairman of the committee senator and honorary alderman
pierre galand, honorary senator and president of omct europe
serge de patoul, deputy and honorary alderman