Thousands of Iranians Rally in Brussels Marking Uprising Anniversary, Advocating for Democratic Republic

On September 15, marking the first anniversary of Iran’s 2022 nationwide uprising against the authoritarian regime, Iranians and supporters of the Iranian Resistance held a large demonstration in Brussels, the Belgian capital. This honored the uprising, its martyrs, and all those fervently striving for freedom across the nation.

Participants held placards and voiced slogans epitomizing the inevitable triumph of the uprising, resonating with their fervor for a democratic republic in a liberated Iran tomorrow. The chorus of their voices echoed the indomitable spirit of the Iranian populace and their steadfast resolve to overthrow the oppressive dictatorship of the mullahs on this pivotal anniversary.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), conveyed a message to compatriots participating in these demonstrations, reflecting the collective aspiration for freedom and democracy.

Mrs. Rajavi stated, “A year has passed since the eruption of the nationwide uprising in Iran, sparked by the tragic loss of Zhina Amini (Mahsa). This uprising set the regime ablaze in its entirety. It has been a year brimming with the bravery and sacrifice of the Iranian people’s children, from Zahedan to Tehran, from Kurdistan to Khorasan, from Tabriz to Rasht, Kermanshah, Isfahan, Kerman, Shiraz, and every corner of Iran.

This uprising, a manifestation of the boundless strength of the Iranian people, has wrought miracles and inspired awe. An uprising that, no matter how much they tried to suppress it, no matter how much blood they spilled from its body, neither deviated from its course nor relinquished its resolve to topple the regime.

And today, it is the Iranian uprising whose footsteps are being heard. And it is the architects of uprising and rebels who say, ‘We will return, marching victoriously through the streets to topple the palaces of tyranny and suppression of the clerics.’”

“Khamenei and his ruthless IRGC are well aware that another uprising is looming, yet they are powerless to prevent it,” Mrs. Rajavi added. “The same factors and motivations that created the uprising of 2022-2023 are at work with even greater intensity, preparing the social landscape for the next big uprising.

The daily protests that erupt across society, from the retirees’ rallies, frequent workers’ strikes, and scattered revolts in various parts of the country to the relentless attacks by rebellious youths against the IRGC and suppression agents, are all the ripples of the same looming volcano.

The astronomical rise in prices, rendering people homeless, the regime’s entrenchment and increasingly yielding to bloodthirsty figures like Ebrahim Raisi, the henchman of 1988—all of these constitute a ruthless war against Iranian society. They not only intensify the motivations for an uprising but also dig their own grave in the process.

Yes, this regime is at an impasse; it will not return to its previous balance. It faces a society where not only the social readiness for overthrowing the regime has increased, but the confrontational stance of the young generation against the Revolutionary Guards has also intensified.

The more the clerical regime resorts to behind-the-scenes deals with foreign interlocutors, the more it hatches plots against the PMOI and the NCRI, and the more appeasing powers degrade themselves in the face of the regime’s policy of hostage-taking and blackmail, the point of no return has been reached; this regime can no longer avert its own downfall.”

Mrs. Rajavi emphasized the conspiracies and plans of the clerical regime aimed at obstructing the revolutionary path. These efforts involve seeking foreign aid and manipulating individuals within the Iranian community who pretend to be dissidents.

She asserted, “Guided by Massoud Rajavi, [NCRI founder], the revolutionary solution thwarted the uprising from being stolen and directed it towards the overthrow of the Velayat-e Faqih regime. Massoud safeguarded the great heritage of the people and history, and the blood of 120,000 Mojahedin and revolutionaries, including those 30,000 unforgettable martyrs, strengthening the people’s front against the dictatorships of both the Shah and the mullahs.

Through the challenging obstacles, amidst the complexities and darkness, he opened the path for a democratic revolution and laid the foundation for its victory—a path that will undoubtedly lead to its triumphant and glorious conclusion.

Today, the tide is turning against the regime and its allies. The clerics have no escape from the inevitable overthrow by the army of uprising and the grand army of the Iranian people‘s freedom. The democratic revolution of the people of Iran will triumph.”

This gathering witnessed a diverse array of speakers, including:

Irish Senator Gerry Horkan: “On the first anniversary of the popular uprising in Iran, to send a clear message of support to the brave Iranian people and to amplify their demands, down with the dictator, down with either the Shah or the Supreme Leader. This is all about democracy, we are not looking to replace one dictatorship with another, we are supporting the ten-point plan of Madame Rajavi for a democratic, peaceful, prosperous, secular Iran. And we have a clear message to the murderous leaders in Tehran that your only option is to accept your fate and bow to the will of the Iranian people.

Former MEP Struan Stevenson: The uprising has been led by women, brave, courageous women who have joined the PMOI Resistance Units. They have torched IRGC and Basij command posts. They have defaced posters of Khamenei. They have put graffiti on the walls. They have displayed posters of Madam Rajavi and Masoud Rajavi and they will not be beaten. They have hacked into the international networks of state television and shown pictures of Mrs. Rajavi at the PMOI.


Senator Pierre Galand, President of the World Organization Against Torture (OMCT) in Europe: I have been in touch with numerous freedom movements. But I can say that the PMOI is the only movement that despite the regime’s oppression and the obstructions of the West has not only been able to maintain itself but has also expanded its ranks within Iran’s youth. The regime has confirmed this.

I also want to highlight the remarkable leadership of Maryam Rajavi, her vision for a democratic Iran, and her efforts in support of human rights. The struggle for freedom in Iran is a fight for justice, for human rights across the world.

By standing with you and the people of Iran, we send a message for a more just world. I thank you for your tenacity and resistance against this regime. Your determination is admirable.

Aziz Paknejad, member of the NCRI: Last year, the world saw the sacrifices of the youth, society, and especially the women of Iran. Their display of courage is rooted in a century of struggles by the women of Iran. The killing of people by the security forces is not only a disgrace for the regime but also for its covert and overt supporters. Thanks to the nationwide activities of the Resistance Units, the flame of resistance remained alit in Iran and created the grounds for more uprisings. The regime has shown its desperation in the face of the Resistance and is seeking help from its allies.

Former MEP Paolo Casaca, former MEP, former President of the Parliamentary delegation for relations with NATO: We mourn the victims of this evil regime. But I think that the message we got here today from so many of you, by the women, and by the youth is that there is no way that the Iranian people will ever accept this evil regime. The people who are in these governments think they can negotiate their interests with the regime and forget the people. They are wrong and they are betting on the wrong side of history. The people will oust the mullahs because you are the most courageous and determined people I’ve known in my life.


Rasmus Hansson, Member of the Norwegian Parliament: Many world leaders will no longer remain silent toward the Iranian regime. The majority of the Norwegian parliament clearly supports your fight for a democratic Iran. This support is a response to the credibility of the NCRI. It is also a response to NCRI’s role in exposing the regime’s nuclear program and its efforts to expose the regime’s terrorism. As a parliamentarian from a peaceful country, I’m grateful and deeply impressed by Iranians fighting for freedom. The democratic resistance in Iran has endured four decades of suppression. You are fighting a religious dictatorship that uses hostage-taking and tramples human rights.