Demonstrations of Iranians in Belgium in support of the Iran Uprising and the rights of political refugees in Belgium

On Wednesday, January 4th, supporters of National Council of Resistance of Iran commemorated the martyrs of recent uprising in Iran by attending a street exhibition and rally, which was accompanied by heavy rain, close to the Immigration Department. Iranians called for the special attention of European countries and Belgium to the deterioration of the human right situation in Iran. They also called European countries for saving the lives of prisoners of uprising and improve the situation of Iranian political refugees in Belgium.
In his speech, Mr. Mehdi Nobari pointed out the activities of the resistance units and the regime’s terrorist threats against the Iranian dissidents. He demanded Belgian authorities to pay special attention to the situation in Iran and the rights of women and children, prisoners and Iranian refugees in Belgium.

Mr. Kazaka, a former MEP from Portugal, while congratulating the Iranian people on the New Year and wishing them the bests, said: “We are all delighted with the revolution that is taking place in Iran, where the Iranian people fight against a despotic and terrorist regime. This is unfortunately a bloody revolution. We have over 30,000 prisoners, over 750 killed by regime forces, and at least as many women, girls and children killed by this regime.”
A group of political refugees, Majid Tajik, Farhad Karimi, and Mohammad Yousefi, in their messages, demanded the expulsion of the mercenaries of the regime from European soil, with a clear demarcation with the dictatorship of mullahs and Shah.

Belga News Agancy and La Libre reported this event.