Iranian Opposition Rally in Front of the US Embassy in Brussels: Calling for a Decisive Policy Towards the Iranian Regime

Coinciding with EU-NATO summit, Iranians in Belgium, supporters of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), held a rally in front of the US embassy in Brussels, urged the G7 leaders to hold Iran’s regime accountable for its crimes against humanity at home, destabilizing actions in the region, and continued pursuit of nuclear weapons. Iranians also called for a halt to the policy of appeasement and accountability for regime leaders, including Ali Khamenei and Ebrahim Raisi.

Senator Mark Demesmaeker, a member of the Belgian Committee of Parliamentarians and Mayors for a Democratic Iran, joined the protesters: “The whole world agrees that Iran should never acquire a nuclear weapon, no one rejects the need for diplomacy and negotiation in this regard, the only thing left is to answer the question on what principles we negotiate? And do we adhere to these principles? The principle should be that any agreement should be in the interest of the Iranian people and should not impose a cost on them, this should not threaten the security of the region and our security in the West. If an agreement can be reached on these principles, it is not a problem, and if not, history has shown us that no agreement is better than a agreement which is against democracy, against the Iranian people and against The people of the region and in the long term be against our interests here in the West.” he added.

Mr. Paulo Casaca, former Member of the European Parliament was another speaker of this event. “The appeasement was the most important stimulus for the dictators to unite to repeat the same tactics in Europe, our European leaders trying to sign a treaty with the United States with Russia that was broken and signed, together with a more unreliable dictator in Tehran. The fact is that when the West pays millions of dollars in ransom for the release of hostages, more people are taken hostages for more  millions dollars. Recognizing the right of Iranians to live in peace, democracy and freedom, ending the mullahs’ immunity for their crimes, specifically, The genocide against Iran’s democratic opposition, which took place in 1988. Ending the war and looting and aggression of the IRGC and its proxy forces in Syria, Iraq and Yemen are essential steps to achieve to a lasting deal with Iran.” he emphasized.

Mr. Mehdi Nobari, from the Iranian community in Belgium called US and EU to make no concessions to the regime under the pretext of JCPOA, and called on the free world to take a firm policy against the mullah regime.

Dr. Massoud Kashefi, a member of the Iranian-Belgian expert community, described the nuclear deal as putting a razor on the floor of drunken bastards, which is falsely portrayed by Western politicians as supporting the people. He insisted that this policy provides an opportunity for Khamenei to Putin to shed the blood of innocent people.

Ms. Robabeh Roustaei, a supporter of the People’s Fedayeen Guerrilla Organization of Iran, also attended the event, referring to the hostage-taking of US embassy staff in Tehran.