Iranians Rally in Brussels to support uprising in Khuzestan

Iranians, supporters of the National Council of Resistance of Iran -NCRI, Rally in front of the Iranina regime embassy in Brussels. Iranians rally in support of the Khuzestan uprising that people have been demonstrating for the past 9 days for the water crisis in Iran.

According to Amnesty International at least 8 have been killed by Iranian regime armed forces. Ms. Michelle Bachelet, United Nation high commissioner for human rights, called Iranian regime to solve the water crisis instead of suppressing the protesters in Iran. According to MEK network in Iran, protests have spread throughout other cities and provinces. In Tehran, Karaj youth were chanting death to Khamenei, inside the Metro.

NCRI supporters in Brussels hold signs with messages in support of the uprising, and they also hold the photos of Maryam Rajavi, the president-elect of NCRI who calls for regime change to establish a Free, Democratic, Secular, and non-nuclear Iran. NCRI has considerable international support, and its resistance units inside Iran make a network to lead the protests to regime change in Iran.

Belga News Agancy Reported this event: