Letter from the Belgian Committee of Parliamentarians and Mayors for a democratic Iran to the Belgian Minister of foreign affairs condemning the suppression of the Khuzestan protests

Dear Minister of Foreign Affairs, Madam Sophie Wilmes,

Khuzestan is one of Iran’s richest provinces with many natural resources such as oil and gas. Yet, the
people of this province are suffering from water scarcity.
The water crisis in Khuzestan, which has a temperature above 50 degrees, is widespread. Residents of
about all cities in the province do not have water to drink, and the villages have problems with water
supply and irrigation. Refusing to listen to the experts and ecologists in the last four decades and building
unscientific dams” have created the current water crisis.
The Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) is behind the construction of these unscientific dams. In addition, the
IRGC transfers water from Khuzestan to the neighboring countries to profit more. Besides, since the IRGC
controls Iran’s industry and economy, it transfers water from Khuzestan to central Iran, so the factories it
controls, such as Foulad Mobarakeh Steel Company, continue to work.
Demonstrations started on 15 July and they have been calling for action to address the shortage of water
in the oil-rich province for seven consecutive days, but they get bullets, according to opposition media
sources at least 10 young protesters have been shot already.
Despite the protests started by the water crisis, they have turned into political protests, with the people
calling for the overthrow of a regime (targeted supreme leader Khamenei) that is responsible for the
misery of the majority of Iran’s population.
Euro news said: The internet-monitoring observatory Net Blocks confirmed there had been a “significant
regional disruption” to mobile internet service since last week. This confirms that Iranian regime is trying
to prevent the spread of protests and sensor the news.
We support the rights of Iranians to peacefully assemble and to express themselves. Without fear of
violence. We stand by the thirsty people of Khuzestan and strongly condemn the repression of the
We, the undersigned, call on our government to condemn the repression of the protests of the people of
Khuzestan for water shortage and freedom.
We call on you to take serious and practical steps to stop the massacre of demonstrators, to end
appeasement with this regime and to support the Iranian people, who want freedom, democracy, and
the right to life, water and bread.
We look forward to your response.
Belgian committee of Parliamentarians and Mayors for a Democratic Iran

dirk Claes, Chairman of the Committee, Honorary Senator and Alderman,
Pierre Galand, Honorary Senator and President of OMCT Europe
Serge De Patoul, Honorary member of Brussels Parliament and Alderman
Mark Demesmaeker, Senator, Honorary MEP
Michael Freilich, Member of Federal Parliament