Urgent Call to Protect Political Refugees in Belgium

Iranian Political Refugees in Brussels

Amidst growing tensions and fear of uprisings, the Iranian regime has escalated its use of capital punishment. In 2023 alone, there were at least 860 executions—a staggering 36% increase compared to the previous year. The regime clings to power through a brutal combination of executions and oppression. Even in January 2024, over 80 executions took place, underscoring the regime’s vulnerability as it grapples with internal and external crises. The tragic death of Mahsa Amini, more than a year ago, remains unresolved, leaving the regime without a viable solution. It persists in maintaining control under the shadow of regional conflicts.

Iranian Community Rally in Brussels

In such a circumstances, the horrible situation of refugees in Belgium, especially the political refugees from Iran needs urgent action from the Belgian government. Considering the terrorist threats from the Iranian regime against political refugees in Europe, the increasing suspension period to process the cases of political refugees, the slow accommodation of new refugees which let them roofless in streets are big concerns within the Iranian community in Belgium.

Hence, Iranian community in Belgium, International Freedom of Speech Alliance and International Association of Culture and Human Rights calls for a rally in Brussels in front of the Commissariat General, February 21th to denounce the increasing number of executions in Iran and draw attention to the demands of the Iranian political refugees who call European governments to recognize the Iranian regime as the main source of wars and crises in the Middle East and to call for a decisive policy against the mullahs with the recognition of the right of resistance of the Iranian people to overthrow the mullahs regime in Iran.

Event Report

Father Danial from Beginage Church appeared in the gathering of Iranians and appreciated the efforts of the resistance of Iran to expose the crimes of the regime, he also was pointing out the right of asylum for Iranian political refugees.

In the following, the political refugees supporters of resistance of Iran each exposed the regime’s crimes against the Iranian people in their speeches and emphasized their determination to overthrow the mullahs regime in Iran, and declared their solidarity with the resistance units of the People’s Mujahideen.

In the following, a delegation from the Culture and Human Rights Association and the International Freedom of Speech Alliance, in a meeting with the diplomatic representative and senior adviser to the Minister of Immigration and Asylum of Belgium, emphasized the role of European countries in ensuring the security of political asylum seekers, which was accompanied by the approval and welcome of the minister’s representative and adviser. .