Anniversary of the November Uprising in Ashraf 3 in memory of the martyrs with the presence of Iranian associations and political figures from Belgium

On Tuesday, November 11, 1999, the anniversary of the Great November Uprising was held in Ashraf 3 in memory of the martyrs. Ms. Maryam Rajavi spoke at the ceremony. Senators and representatives of parliaments and political figures, as well as representatives of Iranians from all over the world, spoke at the conference on the anniversary of the November Uprising, which was held live in connection with 300 Iranian communities and 2,400 locations around the world. Senato Els Ampe and the member of the Brussels Parliament Jonathan de Patol spoke on behalf of Belgium. The Iranian Refugee Association, the Iranian Democratic Women’s Association, and the Iranian Democratic Students Association also participated in the program.

The speakers of the conference on the anniversary of the Nobember uprising, while praising the martyrs of the uprising, emphasized: This uprising showed that the Iranian people want change in Iran. The Iranian people want to get rid of a religious fundamentalist regime and demand real democracy and freedom. In the November uprising, 1,500 people were killed by the order of the Iranian regime, thousands were injured and 12,000 were arrested. Condemnation is not enough. The perpetrators of these crimes must be brought to justice. The United Nations must intervene and end the impunity of the leaders of this regime. A regime that has the madness of killing.

The speakers said that uprisings such as the November 1998 uprising and that the Iranian youth were following the same path and policy of the Mojahedin to completely overthrow the religious dictatorship had clearly shown to the international community that the claim that the Mojahedin had no place among the Iranian people was baseless.  Because many Iranian regime officials, including Supreme Leader Khamenei, were forced to admit that the MEK was the driving force behind the uprising, and the Iranian regime sees this organized opposition as a central threat to its very existence.

On the anniversary of the November 2019 uprising (November 1998), the human rights situation in Iran raises our concerns even more, The speakers also emphasized. The fact that the Iranian regime is responding to the protests with brutality, killing and repression as violently as possible is on the coin of human rights violations inside and terrorism of the Iranian regime outside Iran. Assadollah Asadi, a regime diplomat, was arrested for delivering explosives for a terrorist act at an Iranian resistance rally in Paris and is currently being held in prison, where he will stand trial on November 27. The European Union must tell the Iranian regime that because Asadi is committing such heinous acts as a diplomat and has violated all clauses of the Vienna Convention, no regime diplomat has any immunity and the Iranian regime’s embassies on European soil must be closed. We want to see such determination on the part of the European Union and all European governments. Any inaction on the part of Europe is unacceptable.

The main speaker of the conference was Ms. Maryam Rajavi, who first paid tribute to the martyrs of the November Uprising and the wounded and prisoners, and emphasized the salient points of the November Uprising, which were raised in the statement of the National Council of Resistance. Then she referred to the revolutionary situation of the society and the failed strategy of the regime which wanted to stop uprisings with a mass casualties of coronavirus. Finally, she emphesazied the role of resistance units and rebelions in achieving victory. And she finished her speech with a beautiful poem below. (Full text of Ms. Maryam Rajavi’s speech)

Yes, rebels will win victory
Not resting even for a moment
to restore love, bread and freedom in their homeland
Rebels hold fast to their flags
Their eyes glitter with hope
Forging ahead fearlessly to the zenith of victory
Rebels will win victory and bring about change

Senator Els Ampe from Belgium joined the conference and expressed her supports to the people of Iran and their fight for freedom. The Iranian government’s violence is condemned by the UN and Amnesty International. I demand the immediate release of all protesters detained in justified protests. The people of Iran can’t even speak their minds, she said.

To the people of Iran, your victory will be cherished and your path will be followed. You are the future of Iran and you will prevail. (Full Speech of Senator Els Ampe)

In the memory of martyrs of Nov 2019 uprising in Iran, Millions of people in Iran are raising their voice for justice and freedom. We must support their desires and be their voice, said Mr. de Patoul. (Full Speech of Janothan de Patoul)