The Belgian Parliament approved the resolution to support Iran’s uprising

On November 10th, the Federal Parliament of Belgium passed a resolution in solidarity with the nationwide uprising of the Iranian people and condemning the crimes of the dictatorial mullahs against the rebels with an overwhelming majority of votes.

This resolution was first approved in the foreign committee and then discussed in the general session of the parliament and approved with 125 votes in favor.

During the debates of the foreign commission and the general session of the parliament before the resolution was approved, representatives from different parties emphasized in their speeches the need to audit the mullahs’ dictatorship for his crimes against the rebels and the need to adopt a decisive policy against the regime. They wanted to expand the sanctions against the perpetrators of repression in Iran and emphasized the need to fully support the demands of the Iranian people.

In the resolution approved by the Federal Parliament of Belgium, referring to the repressive actions of the regime, including the killing and wounding of a large number of insurgents, including children, and widespread arrests during the uprising, it is stated: “After the arrest, the demonstrators and members of civil society, including the following young girls of legal age, are taken to unknown places and in many cases, their bodies are handed over to their families with signs of violence, torture, even rape… According to the findings of Human Rights Watch (regime), Iran has had the highest number of executions compared to the population in Iran for several years. is the world; These executions often take place as a result of unfair trials and… minors are also often sentenced to death. On November 6, 2022, 227 members of the Iranian parliament (regime) considered the demonstrators to be fighters and requested the judiciary to issue a death sentence to them.

In this resolution, the sanctions imposed by the United Kingdom and the European Union against the mullahs’ dictatorship for violating human rights were recalled, and the demands of the parliamentarians from the federal government of Belgium were emphasized in several articles.

The resolution approved by the Belgian Parliament includes, among others, the following:

  • It strongly condemns the systematic violation of women’s rights in Iran and also the suppression of protesters. Many women have been executed because of their political affiliation in the last 4 decades.
  • It supports all the victims of discrimination in Iran.
  • Declare their support for the political struggle led by Iranian women and the members of the Iranian civil society who stand by them.
  • Strongly condemn the widespread, deliberate and disproportionate use of force by Iran’s security forces (regime) against protesters, including Iranian women, who are defending their legitimate rights and freedoms.
  • In their approved resolution, the representatives of the Belgian Parliament have also demanded the immediate release of all the rebels and political prisoners arrested during the uprising, and by emphasizing the need for the United Nations Special Rapporteur to visit the prisons of the Akhundi regime, to form a UN commission of inquiry in relation to the regime’s crimes in prisons. They have called since the beginning of the uprising.

Following this resolution, the federal government of Belgium is asked:

  • Condemn the mock trials against the demonstrators after the murder of Mehsa Amini; Trials leading to death sentences… Taking a position at the European level so that Iran (regime) provides access to the Internet and various online communication tools as well as the free flow of information.
  • informing our security and intelligence services of (fundamentalist) propaganda carried out by Iranian authorities (regime) against Belgian Muslims; An advertisement whose purpose is to promote their loyalty to the Iranian regime.
  • Supporting all proposals aimed at expelling (the regime) Iran from the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.
  • Condemn the propaganda of the Al-Mustafa International University, which spreads the ideology of the Iranian regime abroad, especially through its students who are recruited into the “Foreign Legions based in Syria to support the regime of Bashar al-Assad”, in a European framework similar to Canada.
  • Supporting the imposition of new sanctions against Iran (regime) in the European Union due to the suppression of the wave of protests after the death of Mehsa Amini in this country. Encouraging other countries to support and implement these European sanctions against (regime) Iran.
  • Applying sanctions within the framework of the European Union, such as banning travel to Belgium and freezing assets against the Irshad Patrol officials involved in the murder of Mehsa Amini and the Iranian regime officials who ordered violence against the protesters.
  • Investigating the precise role of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in suppressing the ongoing protests in Iran and strengthening the current sanctions against the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps with the cooperation of other member countries and like-minded people. Considering additional legal and diplomatic measures against them.